1) Which are the front and rear springs?

    FRONT = Springs marked: VA, or (F), or Front REAR = Springs marked: HA, or (R), or Rear

2) Which end of the spring is up?

    H&R springs fit the same way that stock springs do. The shape of the spring is most important. If the spring is the same on both sides and fits the same either direction, then it is correct to install the spring with the closer coils “up”. If the spring is smaller at one end and larger at the other, the orientation should match OEM factory installed springs.

3) Are H&R spring progressive?

    All H&R OE Sport Springs, Sport Springs, Super Sport Springs are progressive when possible for the application.

4) Do I need an alignment when I install springs or suspension?

    Alignment should be checked after any suspension ride height modification. Follow the guidelines in the factory service manual to ensure that alignment is as close to factory specification as possible.

5) Why do the H&R part numbers on the spring box not match what is on the springs?

    The part number on the box is the product part number. The part number on the springs is a component part number. If you would like to verify your product/component part numbers, please call H&R at (888) 827-8881. Please have the following information available: year, make, and model of the vehicle application, the product part number found on the box, and the individual spring component part numbers.

6) If the H&R springs are red does it mean that they are Race Springs?

    No. Color does not indicate which springs you have. The part numbers printed on the springs and/or spring box indicate whether you have a Race Spring kit or otherwise. If you are not sure which springs you have please call H&R at (888) 827-8881.

7) How do I know the amount that H&R springs lowered my vehicle?

    You should measure your ride height before and after suspension installation. Measurements should be taken from the center of the axle (center of wheel) to the lip of the fender. Refer to the “Lowering Measurements” section found on the H&R Technical Information (bright orange) sheet included with your H&R spring set.

8) Do I need to trim my bumpstops?

    Not unless noted on the H&R Technical Information sheet (bright orange)—or accompanying inserted sheets—included with your H&R spring set.