H&R offers a complete line of accessories that complement H&R products

Product Lines

Lug Nuts / Bolts

H&R offers a large selection of specialty wheel tightening bolts and lug nuts, available with a multitude of thread sizes and seat types. Lug nuts and bolts may be used as replacement parts or with other H&R products. And, it’s always a good idea to have a couple extras on hand.

Triple C Adjusters

  • Correct camber for perfect alignment
  • Wide adjustment range +/- 0 to 3º
  • Easy to install, simple to use

Consisting of a pair of specially-designed bolts, H&R patented ‘Triple C’ Camber Adjustment Bolts replace the original upper fastening bolts on McPherson strut applications. As the bolt is turned, a small cam eccentric alters the vehicle’s camber, allowing adjustments from 0-3 degrees, positive or negative.

Quick-Safe® Stud Conversions

Racers know the advantage wheel studs have over wheel bolts—reduced pit stop times to help win races. Benefit from their experience when you install H&R Quick-Safe® wheel bolt-stud conversions.

Quick-Safe® Stud Conversion Sets

H&R Quick-Safe® Stud Conversion Sets feature a number of advantages including pretreatment with a thread locking compound, shouldered for secure seating, a corrosion resistant silver finish, and a hex key socket for fast and easy installation.

Camber Plates

If you have been looking for a camber plate that does it “all”, look no further than H&R camber plates. These gems look like they belong on a space shuttle—CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum billet and finished with Mil spec hard anodizing. Each steel part is powder coated and stainless hardware is included for beauty and corrosion protection. Having undergone rigorous track testing and stress analyzation, these race-winning camber plates have set the precedent for all others.


The application is compatible with H&R struts and stock struts. Adjustment range is -1.0° to -3.5°, depending upon ride height, and accommodates for the needed strut angle change. To install, simply replace the stock strut bearing with the camber plate assembly.

Outside Coil Over Locating Rings

Used worldwide by professionals, our high grade aluminum locating rings keep your main and tender springs in their place. H&R Coil Over Locating Rings eliminate deflection and assure uniform spring motion.


Outside locating rings are excellent for applications where your shock body is too large to utilize an inside locating ring. All outside locating rings allow for 86mm outer diameter tender springs.

Inside Coil Over Locating Rings

Inside locating rings are preferred for applications with minimal outside tolerances. Inside locating rings are built specific to spring inside diameter. These are available for both 2.50” and 60mm I.D. race springs.

EBM Electronic Bypass Module

H&R's Electronic Bypass Modules allow for fault free replacement of OE electronic dampers with the installation of performance Coil Over suspensions. H&R's EBM feature easy plug in installation, and prevent warning lights and fault codes.